Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin. What better way to take care of your skin than to use natural & organic ingredients that give your skin the moisture, nutrients & vitamins it needs to maintain its health.  

My family's health is the most important aspect in my life.  After reading about the largest payout of a lawsuit in history from a very large baby shampoo company, I decided I didn't want my family or myself to use store bought soaps & other skin care products any more.   After doing extensive research on different ingredients, I started making goat milk soaps & lotion bars.  The goat milk that is used in my soaps is from a small, organic farmer, Wendy, in Northern Illinois.  Her goats are fed organic feed & are like family to her.  I don't use any preservatives, synthetic ingredients or unnatural colors.  My lip balms are colored with organic vegetable powders.  Most ingredients in my products are organic.  I hope you enjoy the products I've personally made & packaged.  Please help save our Earth & recycle and/or reuse the packaging my products come in.  

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