100% Organic Beard Balm


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100% Organic Ingredients in this Vegan Beard Balm - Hand Made in Small Batches with Carnauba Wax, Mango Butter, Hemp Seed, Argan & Jojoba Oils.

Scented with Organic Essential Oils:

Palo Santo Infusión
Frankincense- Bergamot BP Free-Patchouli

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Reviews (3)


This is so special! I’d had some SaviorWorld vegan beard balm awhile back that I loved, but then went beardless. Again fuzzy-faced, I came back and am again happy I did. I insist on vegan in all I buy or use, for any reason. The amount is really generous, and I love the texture. The viscosity is great, especially at a warmish room temperature. It makes my itchy skin under/by my beard calm down upon applying it. I also put the remaining balm elsewhere on my face or rub it into my hands; my skin loves it and these ingredients are entirely noncomedogenic in my case. The very light scent of palo santo is delightful, and the curative properties of this balm are remarkable and applicable beyond the beard. Natasha is kind and a swell communicator. Check out some of the great things (elephant sanctuary even!) SaviorWorld shows love to.

This is good stuff! I appreciated the promptness of the order being sent out, and I appreciated the hand-written thank-you note. I’m fond of the good ingredients in these beard balms. I want vegan products not just for ethical reasons, but also because my skin reacts badly to beeswax (we need to be better to our bees for environmental/ecosystems reasons anyway!). The balms are helping to soften and tame my wild beard, and they’re really helping to soothe my itchy skin under the beard. I like scents, application is easy, and I find the balms are also good skin balms in general. I find I’m already using this as an all-purpose man-beauty balm. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Great shipping time and great price just not a big fan of the scent or texture of the beard balm

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